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Unit 5: The Structure of Molecules—Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometries


Unit Overview

Molecules form when individual atoms create bonds by sharing electrons. Understanding how atoms combine to make molecules allows scientists to predict many of the physical and chemical properties of substances. Since the outermost eight electrons are key to forming compounds, this unit shows how the Octet Rule provides a basis for predicting how atoms may gain, lose, or share electrons to fill the slots in their outer shells. A fundamental understanding of how electrons form bonds leads to the three-dimensional shapes of molecules and has implications in all aspects of chemistry, including drug design.

by Adam Brunet

Adam Brunet


  1. Introduction
  2. Valence Electron Patterns and Lewis Structures
  3. Ionic Bonds
  4. Covalent Bonds and the Octet Rule
  5. Polarity and Basic Lewis Structures
  6. Advanced Lewis Structures
  7. VSEPR Theory
  8. Hybrid Orbitals
  9. Intermolecular Forces
  10. Physical Properties of Molecules
  11. Conclusion
  12. Further Reading

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