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Interactive Tools

These interactive tools give you an opportunity to get your hands on some data so you can further explore what you've learned from Against All Odds.


Stemplot tool screenshot

The Stemplots tool organizes data — either your own input or randomly generated — into a stemplot. Students can use it to gain insight into the shapes of data, describe patterns in data, and practice calculating the mean and median. You’ll find examples of stemplot use in Units 2 and 4.

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Wafer Thickness

Wafer Thickness tool screenshot

The Wafer Thickness tool generates data (represented as a histogram) on the thickness of polished silicon wafers manufactured under specified levels of three controls. It gives students the opportunity to describe the shape, center, and spread of a histogram, compare histograms, and compute numeric summaries. You’ll find useful information for this activity in Units 3 and 31.

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Control Chart

Control Chart tool screenshot

The Control Chart interactive allows the user to play the role of a semiconductor quality control manager in charge of monitoring the thickness of polished silicon wafers used in the manufacture of microchips. You’ll find an activity to accompany this interactive tool in Unit 23.

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