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Course Overview

The new Against All Odds is intended as a one-year introduction to statistics. Made up of vivid real-world examples, our goal is to present statistics in the context of its contemporary use. Host Dr. Pardis Sabeti guides viewers through the wide range of statistical applications used by scientists, business owners, and even Shakespeare scholars, in their work and daily lives.

Starting with descriptive statistics, the series continues through probability and inference. Each unit builds on preceding ones to expand students' statistical knowledge and solidify their understanding of how the concepts fit together. Statistical case studies range from finding patterns in lightning strikes, to linking DDT to the decline of peregrine falcons, to analyzing salaries to lobby for comparable pay for men and women. After watching the videos, viewers can dig deeper on the coordinated website, which features additional content coverage, as well as interactive tools to explore and exercises and review questions to work through.

Against All Odds takes you inside statistics!

Goals and Intended Audience

Statistics is one of the most important and useful subjects taught in school, affecting us in our daily lives and as concerned citizens. If you look through a college catalog, you'll see references to statistics in more departments than any other course of study. The goal of Against All Odds is to teach the basic tools and procedures of statistics in the context of applications important in our lives. You'll learn how statistics works - while meeting the people who put statistics to work.

This material can be the basis of an introductory college statistics offering as well as an AP course. Against All Odds is also an excellent refresher or introduction to statistics for adult learners who are returning to school or anyone who just wants to make sense of the world around us.

How to Use This Site

Against All Odds is made up of 32 units. These units are meant to be worked on in order, with the first being a general introduction and the last a summary. As a student, you should begin your work on a unit by watching the video module all the way through. While you're watching, you'll want to have the Student Guide for the unit open to the section called "The Video" so you can answer the questions about what you're viewing. Your next step should be working through the rest of the Student Guide. It will provide formal definitions, more details about the statistical procedures introduced, some worked examples, and a number of practice exercises with answers. Many of the units also contain activities, some of which make use of online interactive tools to further illustrate the statistical procedures. To quickly look up important terms introduced in the video modules, turn to the online Glossary.

Unit Contents

Each unit is based on a video module that introduces a statistical topic in real-world context. Complementing each video module are a Student Guide and Faculty Guide specific to the unit. These go into greater depth on the statistical concepts and contain valuable exercises and review material.

To get started on a particular unit, check out the list of statistical topics and the video stories that illustrate them on the Video Unit page.