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Wallace Stevens

The hero of Wallace Stevens's poetry is the human imagination. Like Emily Dickinson's, Stevens's sedate and uneventful outer life concealed a lush and adventurous inner one. Such adventures were for Stevens not an escape from reality but a journey toward a new reality. Although Stevens was no philosopher--he was a bold and brilliant poet--he explored the workings of the human mind with a precision philosophers might envy.

Academy of American Poets

Listen to Stevens read "The Idea of Order at Key West." In addition, this site contains a biography, a bibliography, and some of Stevens's most well-known poems.

Wallace Stevens Resources

From a priest's letter about Stevens's alleged deathbed conversion to Catholicism to excerpts from Stevens's correspondence with his Cuban friend Jose Rodriguez Feo, University of Pennsylvania Professor Alan Filreis's site contains fascinating material about the poet and his work.

Feigning With the Strange Unlike

View photographs of Stevens, his family, his home, and his place of employment at Middle Tennessee State University Professor David Lavery's "Feigning With the Strange Unlike" site. The site also contains other intriguing Stevens-related material such as an unpublished play about Stevens and Charles Ives.

HarperAudio: Wallace Stevens

For a fine selection of Stevens reading Stevens, go to HarperAudio's site on the poet. You'll hear "The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain," "Vacancy in the Park," and others.

Poetry Landmark: Wallace Stevensís Hometown of Hartford, CT

Trace the path that Stevens walked every day to and from his office, and view pictures of his grave site. You can also read selected poems.


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