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Western Tradition

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"For several months it has been my great pleasure to watch The Western Tradition on our local PBS TV station, KETA. It is my understanding that you sponsor this program, as well as others of similar high quality. My family and I wish to express in this limited way our deepest appreciation for your generosity and judgment. You truly make a significant difference in the quality of our lives."

Viewer, Dover, OK

"I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed The Western Tradition. What a superb and gifted teacher is Mr. Weber! I am an elderly widow who grew up in the Depression era and was a tenth grade drop-out. However, a love of learning and a commitment to education is important and a joy to me. Since I started watching the program I've gotten many friends enthusiastically watching as well."

Viewer, Adamstown, PA


Video Rating Guide for Libraries
Winter 1990

"Five Stars."

"This series is really a must for any history and art history student."

"The Western Tradition gives us more than a wonderful narration of western civilization, it shows us how important art and its relationship to history is. College and university educators would be wise to implement the series into their history and art curriculums."

Video Librarian
October 1989

"Three-and-a-half Stars."

"An excellent choice for secondary school and university libraries."

"...a superb cornerstone of a public library's video holdings on general history."

November 1989

"Highlighted in particular in The Western Tradition are social attitudes, classical ideals, and various religious values. Crisp cinematography artfully melds memorable images of Eugen Weber's significant points, which are also outlined in the insightful study guide."

TV Guide
July 1994

Lloyd Bentsen, Texas Senator: "I watch a lot of news. I also bought those 52 tapes from the Annenberg/CPB Project on the history of Western civilization that go from the Egyptian era up to the present. The only problem is that, after a year, we're only up to the American Revolution because I normally get home so late."

San Diego Reader, San Diego, CA
February 1994

"The Western Tradition a zingy kick in the thalamus. This series is in continual syndication. Like "I Love Lucy," it's always running somewhere in the world and for good reason."

"The Western Tradition is enhanced with diagrams, maps, sketches, and works of art from the historical period in question. You don't just feel you've been entertained, you feel you've actually learned something. There's a juiciness about The Western Tradition that makes history very real and exciting. After watching a few episodes of the series, you find yourself bringing it up in conversation."


Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1990 Honorable Mention Award for "The First World War and the Rise of Fascism"


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