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Learning To Revise

How can you help your students understand the value of revision and use what they know to improve their own writing? In this workshop, you will discover why students in the middle grades can be reluctant to revise, help them better understand the purpose of revision, and teach revision strategies they can use.

Katie Wood RayA lot of times it's hard to know what to do during revision because you don't have a vision to start with.

— Katie Wood Ray, consultant and author or co-author of five books on teaching writing, including The Writing Workshop: Working through the Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts)

Learning Goals

In this workshop you will explore how to:

  • show your students the value of revising writing pieces
  • help your students become reflective about their writing pieces
  • help your students acquire a repertoire of revision strategies they can use to achieve specific goals
  • encourage your students to develop their own approach to revising

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