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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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1. Building a Community of Writers

Personal Reading and Writing Inventory

In this activity, you will take an inventory of your own experience and attitude toward writing, and learn new strategies to enhance your teaching.

2. Reasons for Writing

Using Your Day To Inspire Writing

In this activity, you will use everyday events to generate ideas for writing topics.

3. Reading Like a Writer

Examine Writing Techniques

In this activity, you will identify writing techniques involving the use of detail and dialogue from different children's books.

4. Teaching the Writing Craft

Analyzing a Writing Mini-Lesson

In this activity, you will watch video clips of a mini-lesson on adding detail to narrative writing, consider the effectiveness of each part of the lesson, and then compare your observations with those of another teacher.

5. Conversations With Student Writers

Respond to Student Writing

In this activity, you will examine a piece of student writing, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and decide how to focus your feedback to help the student improve.

6. Conversations Among Writing Peers

Assess a Peer Conference

In this activity, you will watch a video of two authentic peer conferences, answer the questions provided to help you assess the effectiveness of each conference, and compare your evaluation to another teacher's.

7. Learning To Revise

What Do Revision Choices Reveal?

In this activity, you will examine two pieces of student writing and observe how the changes students' made reflect revision strategies they learned.

8. Writing Across the Curriculum

Planning a Weekly Writing Schedule

In this activity, you will schedule ways to incorporate writing into your instruction in different content areas, and compare your schedule to another teacher's.


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