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Teaching Multicultural Literature : A Workshop for the Middle Grades
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Workshop 6: Historical and Cultural Context - Langston Hughes and Christopher Moore
Authors and Literary Works
Video Summary
Teaching Strategies
Student Work
Poem Draft 1
Poem Draft 2
Poem Final
Interactive Workbook -- Explore two poems using strategies from these workshops. Go.
Teacher-Talk -- Share your views on the discussion board. Go.

Student Work

This section includes samples of student work from Workshop video 6, in which Stanlee Brimberg's students explored the African Burial Ground and the poetry of Langston Hughes. Samples include:
  • Several drafts of one student's poem. Students were asked to write a poem based on their study of Langston Hughes and the African Burial Ground. (See Teaching Strategies: Connecting Poetry and History.)

  • A commemorative stamp design drawn by one of the students after taking a field trip to the African Burial Ground. (See Teaching Strategies: Field Trips.) Students created stamps to memorialize those in the African Burial Ground, including the African slaves of early New York.
As you review the student's work, consider the following questions:
  • What do you notice that this student did well?

  • What questions might you ask this student about his or her work?
Share your answers and read those of other workshop participants at Teacher-Talk.

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