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Teaching Multicultural Literature : A Workshop for the Middle Grades
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[Teacher-talkmsmultilit] Worshop 5

From: Debbie Barron <debbiejbarron_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 14:52:32 -0600
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1878.6)

I really enjoyed watching and listening to the teacher, Laina Jones, as she worked with the class. She was motivating and enthusiastic. I would enjoy being a student in her class.

I liked the radio play and the frozen tableau activities and the way they were used as prereading activities. The students were able to understand the civil rights movement before they ever opened the book.

I like the writers workshop and the way it was set up to give students options for writing. I think when students have choices they tend to have more of a by in for the writing. I enjoyed listening to their stories about meeting a character five years later.

I am very envious that they were able to have Christopher Paul Curtis come to their classroom and also help teach.

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