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Teaching Multicultural Literature : A Workshop for the Middle Grades
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From: Debbie Barron <debbiejbarron_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 20:22:19 -0600
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The subject was very powerful. I learned about the “Americanization of the Native American” while studying for my Master’s Degree. It broke my heart. I grew up in Arizona and drove through Sante Fe for 20 years without realizing what the Indian school was. Arizona had Indian School Road and I drove by the Indian School but never really wondered. After realizing what the Indian School was all about, I could never go by the school without my heart hurting.

Now I know even more and my heart aches a little more. This video opened my eyes to the extent of the mistreatment of human beings. For people still not able to talk about their lives there speaks volumes about the injustices done.

Using the K/W/L Chart:

I know that the purpose of the Americanization of the American Indian was to beat the Indian of the people by not allowing the language to be spoken, the customs to be practiced, and children were not allowed back with their families.

I want to know how those parents felt when their children were taken from them. I want to know how they were taken. I want to know how those people responsible for taking the children justified that act to themselves.

I learned that it was even worse than I thought. I learned that the residents of these schools have been so traumatized that talking about it is still painful. I learned that these cruel people taught these young children how to parent by example.

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