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Social Studies In Action A Methodology Workshop, K-5.  
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Web Site Production Credits
Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop, K-5 is a production of WGBH Interactive and WGBH Educational Programming and Outreach for Annenberg Media.

Copyright 2003 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.

Executive Producer
Ted Sicker

Curriculum Developer
Mary McFarland

Lisa Rosenthal
Christian Wise

Joseph Brandt

Editorial Production
Denise Blumenthal
Melanie MacFarlane

Additional Editorial Content
Jill Farinelli
Owen Shows

Academic Advisors
Susan Adler
Tamara Berman
Mary McFarland
Rick Theisen

Video Series Production Credits
Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop, K-5 is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation for Annenberg Media.

Executive Producer
Michele Korf

Senior Project Director
Amy Tonkonogy

Philip Gay

Coordinating Producers
Denny Houghton
Allison McCrary

Associate Producer
Julie Parker O'Brien

Production Manager
Mary Ellen Gardiner

Postproduction Associate Producer
Peter Villa

Production Coordinator
Mary Susan Blout

Production Assistants
Jessica K. Cavano
Lisa Olivieri
Jill Unger

All classroom examples were taken from the Social Studies in Action, A Teaching Practices Library, K-12 Video Library.

Video Library Teachers
Robert Cuddi
Meylin Gonzalez
Darlene Jones-Inge
Diane Kerr
David A. Kitts
Debbie Lerner
Eileen Mesmer
Mimi Norton
Osvaldo Rubio
Libby Sinclair
Cynthia Vaughn
Kathleen Waffle

Workshop Facilitator
Mary A. McFarland

Workshop Participants
Deede Bergeron
Ana Maria Caballero
Deborah Freeman
Irene Gruenfeld
Uri Harel
Sandra Johnston
Carmen Mendes
Betsy Navarro
Khanh Phuong
Teresa Reaves
Jay Sugarman
Mehrnoosh Watson

Collaborating Partner
National Council for the Social Studies

Core Advisors
Susan Adler
Associate Professor of Education
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Tamara Berman
Social Studies Educator and Consultant

Mary A. McFarland
Social Studies Educator and Consultant

Rick Theisen
Past President, NCSS
Social Studies Educator and Consultant

Sylvia Alvarez
Albuquerque Public School System

Cherry A. McGee Banks
Professor of Education
University of Washington, Bothell

Wendell Brooks
Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California

Diane Hart
Education Writer and Consultant
Menlo Park, California

Tedd Levy
Educational Consultant
Saybrook, Connecticut

Valerie Ooka Pang
Professor of Teacher Education
San Diego State University

Pat Robeson
Maryland Geographic Alliance

Charles V. Willie
Professor of Education Emeritus
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Michael Yell
Hudson Middle School, Hudson, Wisconsin

Vanessa Boris
Shayna Casey
Maureen Keleher

Bill Charette
Larry LeCain
Steve McCarthy

Chris Bresnahan
Charlie Collias
Keith McManus

Gaye Corbet
Bruce Walker

Online Editors
Mark Geffen
Glenn Hunsberger

Sound Mix
John Jenkins
Dan Lesiw

David Mazza

John Kosian
Judy Richardson

Location Manager
Peter Villa

Location Intern
Nina Farouk

Image Credits
© Bettmann/CORBIS
Courtesy Library of Congress LC-USZ62-15539
Courtesy Library of Congress LC-USZ62-3088
National Archives (NWDNS-306-NT-165319c)
National Archives (NWDNS-4-P-55)
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Behring Center
WGBH Digital Image Gallery

Special Thanks
Frederick by Leo Lionni. Copyright 1967, renewed 1995 by Leo Lionni. Used by permission of Alfred A. Knopf Children's Books, a division of Random House, Inc.

Written by Diane Siebert
Illustrated by Wendell Minor
Published by HarperCollins Publishers, Copyright 1989

How Many Days to America?
Written by Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Beth Peck
Published by Clarion Books, Copyright 1988

"I, Too" by Langston Hughes
Used by permission of Harold Ober Associates Incorporated
© 1994 by the Estate of Langston Hughes

Ox Cart Man
Written by Donald Hall
Illustrated by Barbara Cooney
Published by Viking Press, Copyright 1979

The Winter Solstice
Written by Ellen Jackson, Copyright 1994
Illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis, Copyright 1994
The Millbrook Press. All rights are reserved.

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