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Science in Focus: Shedding Light: Lights, Camera, Action!

Try your hand at our Web activities about light. Each of these activities takes advantage in some way of the science, art, and design of a camera. You'll have the chance to do an activity on the Web, investigate the science behind it, and find ways to extend this activity for yourself and your students.

Test Your Lighting I.Q (Workshops 1 and 2)

Train your eyes to see light and shadow as a photographer would. Look at shadow images and work with your Light Buddy to describe what causes the shadows.

3-D Photography and Anaglyphs (Workshops 3 and 4)

Find out how 3-D images and movies are made. Put on your green and red glasses and see new perspectives on something new.

Making a Photogram (Workshops 5 and 6)

How does a camera "capture" an image? Explore the photochemical effect that makes film work.

Shadow Time (Workshop 7 and 8)

Can you tell at what time of day a photo was taken by examining the shadows in the photographs?


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