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Science in Focus: Shedding Light: Lights, Camera, Action

3D Photography and Anaglyphs

V. Resources


  • Aldridge, Bill G. What is Light and How Do We Explain it? Alexandria, VA: National Science Teachers Association, 1996.
  • Falk, David; Brill, Dieter; and David Stork. Seeing the Light: Optics in Nature, Photography, Color, Vision and Holography. New York: Harper & Row, 1986.
  • Livingstone, M.S., "Art, Illusion and the Visual System," Scientific American, January, 1988.
  • Physics Today, December, 1992, Vol. 45.
    Articles on color perception to digital color processing.
  • Rossotti, Hazel. Colour: Why the World Isn´┐Ż' Grey. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1983.

Web Sites

Sources of 3D Glasses and Other Resources

Recommended materials:

  • Red/green glasses - #7001
  • Create 3-D Drawing kit - #1007
  • Stereo Photography kit - #1023
  • Stereoscopic Drawing - #1055
  • Ted Pella, Inc.
    (530) 243-2200, 1-800-237-3526
    Source of 3D red/blue glasses (recommended: #1121-4) and other resources related to microscopes and stereoscopy.
  • Edmund Scientific
    Source for filters and other educational optics resources.

    101East Gloucester Pike
    Barrington, NJ 08007-1380

    Large Sheets (12" X 22")
    RED R35,237
    GREEN R35,236

    Book of 6 Filters
    R 60,373 (large)
    R 40,676 (small)

    Book of 44 Filters
    R 60,403

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