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Science in Focus: Shedding Light: About This Workshop

Series Structure

Day of Each Workshop

  • Site Investigation: GETTING READY
    30 minutes of discussion and activity to prepare you for the workshop video
  • Workshop Video
    60 minutes of video with guest interviews, classroom footage, and more
  • Site Discussion
    30 minutes of discussion and activity to wrap up the workshop video

Between Workshops

  • Homework Assignment
    an exercise or activity that ties into the previous workshop or prepares you for the next one
  • Ongoing Activity: http://www.learner.org/workshops/sheddinglight/camera/Lights, Camera, Action!: a series of Web based light activities that will extend your general content knowledge and help you to reflect on your own learning process. Visit the Web site for the complete activity listing
  • Web site: http://www.learner.org/workshops/sheddinglight/ a place to go for additional activities, resources, and discussion
  • Journals: A critical part of taking steps toward change is representing learning along the way. This is a deliberate process that calls for reflecting upon your own understandings before, during, and after key experiences, and documenting how these understandings change. While there are numerous ways to represent learning, we suggest using a journal. As the series progresses, pay particular attention to changes in your thinking, and the implications of these changes and record them in your journal.
  • Teacher-Talk an opportunity to communicate with other workshop participants via email
    To subscribe to Teacher-Talk (the workshop email discussion list) Send an email message to: teacher-talk-request@learner.org The message should read: subscribe teacher-talk. For example: subscribe teacher-talk Amanda Cho
    Be sure to remove any signature files before sending your message

    Or you can join at: http://www.learner.org/mailman/listinfo/teacher-talk


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