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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Word Study and Fluency: Put It Into Practice

Put It Into Practice

Create a Handbook

In this ongoing activity, you will collect literacy resources in a Handbook for Effective Literacy Practices to use in your classroom.

Today, you will create a section for word study instruction that covers emergent literacy, phonics/decoding, and reading fluency. Include resources you already use, and plan to use in the future. Place them in the section for Word Study and Fluency. You may want to include:


Do this activity with your colleagues to create the most comprehensive collection of resources.

  • texts and materials to develop phonemic awareness skills
  • lists of phonemic awareness skills
  • lesson plans for phonics skills related to grade-level books
  • lists of phonic elements with suggested grade levels for instruction
  • word study activities to incorporate into daily routines (use readings)
  • activities to use with a Word Wall
  • books to teach specific phonic elements
  • teacher resources for word study
  • activities to promote reading fluency (with accompanying materials)

Review the contents of the handbook for how well they correlate to the principles of Dr. Paratore's lecture and the readings.


Submit a copy of your completed Handbook at the end of the workshop.

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