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Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop.

Creating a Literate Community: Examine the Topic

Examine the Topic

Explore a Classroom

In this section, you will explore a literacy-rich environment and related classroom routines.

Decisions teachers make regarding their classroom environment and daily routines have consequences on children's motivation to read and their time to read. A well-organized classroom supported by purposeful reading routines, help children develop their literacy skills.

The interactive activity: Explore a Classroom, illustrates effective use of classroom space and related routines. A non-interactive version of this activity is available as a PDF document.


Explore a Classroom

Think about Dr. Paratore's statement and the passage from Extend Your Knowledge. Draw upon the interactive activity and consider the following questions:

  • How do the classroom excerpts reflect the ideas presented in these readings?
  • How do these ideas reflect your own classroom environment and teaching of routines?
  • How do your routines change throughout the year?
  • How do you differentiate instruction in teaching classroom routines to address the needs of all of your students?
  • What might you do differently in teaching routines to all of your students?

Submit your written response to the questions.

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