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Private Universe Project in Mathematics

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
Workshop 5
Workshop 6


Workshop Sessions

Video on Demand and Workshop Transcripts

Workshop 1 – Following Children's Ideas in Mathematics

Research is showing that students begin their schooling with some surprising math abilities. Is there a way to keep this interest alive, and these abilities blossoming, all the way through 12th grade?

Watch the video:                   Read the transcript

Workshop 2 – Are You Convinced?
Does it make sense to argue about math? Can kids learn math by debating and convincing each other? A long-term study shows that this can be an effective tool for learning.

Watch the video:                   Read the transcript

Workshop 3 – Inventing Notation
With the support from the district, teachers take the first steps towards implementing a more thoughtful approach to mathematics. What effect will this have on math scores?

Watch the video:                   Read the transcript

Workshop 4 – Thinking Like a Mathematician
Now in high school, the students take a fresh look at thinking they had done in the early years of the long-term study. What is the process through which students make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas in math?

Watch the video:                   Read the transcript

Workshop 5 – Building a Community of Learners
Two teachers, one highly experienced and one just beginning, are creating a community of learners. How does this re-define what it means "to teach"?

Watch the video:                   Read the transcript

Workshop 6 – Possibilities of Real Life Problems
Students or professional mathematicians — both go through the same processes of "doing mathematics" when confronted with real-life problems. How can teachers help students uncover the beauty of mathematics?

Watch the video:                   Read the transcript

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