Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Web Resources for Workshop 6

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South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium

Links to "solutions" to various problems faced by teachers and administrators - from lesson plans to standards questions.

Professional Development Consortium for Mathematics Teachers

A partnership project of the University of Illinois, Illinois State University, and Eastern Illinois University designed to deliver professional development opportunities and classroom resources to teachers of mathematics, statistics, and related subjects at the high school and lower division college levels.

Teaching SMART (Science, Math and Related Technology)

A progressive three year staff development program designed to produce systemic change in the classroom.

Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

The Web site for this professional organization.

AAAS's Project 2061 Professional Development Program

A list of workshops, seminars, or consulting services offered by Project 2061 for your school, district, state, or organization.

Fostering High Quality Programs: Preparing Teachers of Young Learners: Professional Development of Early Childhood Teachers in Mathematics and Science

Article about professional development.

Society of Research Administrator's Grantsweb

Information about grant writing for grant writers, small not-for-profit companies, etc.

Grants from the National Science Foundation


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