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Carpenter Avenue Elementary School in Studio City is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. It currently has approximately 450 students from pre K through 5th grade, is mostly community-based, and has a great deal of parent involvement in all areas. Parent participation in the classrooms allows all instruction, including that in math and science, to be tailored to individual needs.

Over the 14 years that she has been at Carpenter Elementary School in Studio City, California, Joan Marks has moved up from teacher to instructional adviser to director of instruction to assistant principal and then to principal. Her strong belief that "it takes a village to raise a child" is manifested in her unflagging enthusiasm for parent involvement in the school in all areas.

Timothy Huffman teaches a fourth/fifth grade combination of gifted students at Carpenter Elementary School. He graduated from Cal Poly/Pomona, with a degree in agricultural biology but turned to teaching several years ago and has been at Carpenter for 13 years. As he integrates math into all aspects of the curriculum, he depends on parents to assist him in providing individual support for students at various levels.

Susan James came to Carpenter Elementary School a one-on-one assistant to a student who is currently at Carpenter. Her background is in child psychology. This year she is teaching in Timothy Huffman's classroom.

Nina Chang is the parent of a student in Timothy Huffman's classroom at Carpenter Elementary School. After coming to the U.S. when she was 18, she got degrees from the University of Missouri and Syracuse University, and taught at UCLA. She has always felt comfortable with mathematics and works with advanced students in the Carpenter classroom on their math assignments.

Fernangeles Elementary School, [ Web site ] Sun Valley, California, is a large pre K-5th grade year-round school, with a primarily Hispanic Title I population. Classes are both multi-age and traditional. Teachers are dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate practices, which include using the primary language for instruction and working on an inclusion model so all children with Individual Education Plans can attend the local school. Parents have become increasingly involved through decision-making councils, health and human resources programs, adult education, and outreach to community resources and higher education institutions. It is a charter member of the LEARN reform program in Los Angeles.

Elisabeth Douglass [ photo ] , principal of Fernangeles Elementary School and a member of the Annenberg Principals' Institute, works to encourage parental involvement in many areas. One particular focus is to cultivate parents as decision-making partners in the Fernangeles LEARN Partnership Council. A second focus is to continue the fine bilingual programs implemented at the school and strongly supported by the parent stakeholders.

Steven Lippitt is the computer coordinator at Fernangeles Elementary School. All students come into the computer classroom at some point in their school year. He also teaches computer classes for parents, and trains teachers on network configuration at the Cisco Networking Academy. He is Technology Chairperson for the Polytechnic HS family of schools.

International High School at LaGuardia Community College in New York City, NY, was founded in 1985 as a public school for recently-arrived students of limited English proficiency. It is organized into six full-day, full-year learning communities of 75 students each. The communities are all interdisciplinary and heterogeneous, and the students cycle through four full-year courses in a modular fashion. The students come from 60 different countries, and speak 40 languages other than English, but learn to cooperate and work together in their communities. A goal is to prepare the students for higher education without further remediation.

Eric Nadelstern [ photo ] has been principal of the International High School at LaGuardia Community College since its inception in 1985. His background is in English as a Second Language (ELS) teaching and staff development in ESL. He has fostered the growth of collaborative learning and experimentation among the teachers as well as among the students.

Jonathan Katz [ photo ] taught mathematics at Walt Whitman Middle School in Brooklyn, NY, for 17 years before coming to the International High School at LaGuardia Community College, where he is now in his first year.

Duane Stillwell [ photo ] was born and raised in Mexico, worked as a translator of technical articles at the United Nations after study at the University of California, got a degree in history, and thereafter pursued a career in science education. He's in his second year of teaching science at the International High School at LaGuardia Community College.

Souhegan High School, in Amherst, New Hampshire, serves about 900 students, grades 9-12, in a suburban/rural community about an hour north of Boston. It was designed from its inception in 1991 to be built around democratic principles, with students, parents, and teachers all participating in the educational process.

Bob Mackin [ photo ] was a principal for 23 years, most recently at Souhegan High School in Amherst, New Hampshire. Currently he runs a private educational consultancy, "Lead New England," which works with principals in New England on reform in their high schools.



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