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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History The Virginia Companyhomesitemap
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Workshop 1
Lectures & Activities

List of Transcripts, Activities, and Reflections

This workshop explores the question, "Was the Virginia Company's failure avoidable?"

There are several options for planning your professional development. Decide how much time you have to spend and whether you will be viewing Primary Sources on videotape or broadcast live. (Find out when this program is broadcast on the Annenberg Channel, or how to purchase it on video.)

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You can receive graduate credit only if you take all eight workshops in two-hour sessions. Find out more about graduate credit.


Lecture Transcript One: The Virginia Company and Colony
Lecture Transcript Two: Evaluate the Virginia and Massachusetts Companies


Activity One: Saving the Virginia Company
Activity Two: Evaluate the Virginia and Massachusetts Companies


Reflection One: Saving the Virginia Company

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