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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Workshop 1 - The Virginia Companyhomesitemap
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The Virginia Colony
Explore The Virginia Colony by examining the original documents and images of the period
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Read these documents and examine these images before watching the video

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This workshop tells the story of America's corporate beginnings and explores Jamestown as a business operation. Using primary source documents, you can examine the Virginia Company's settlement in Jamestown as a case study in colonial economics and social dynamics, and debate why it failed and whether failure was avoidable.


To gain a deeper understanding of historical content of the early colonial period through reading and discussing primary source documents.

To examine the geographic, demographic, and other conditions affecting the establishment of the Virginia colony.

To assess colonial settlement as an economic venture.

To understand what it took to start a successful colony and how successful colonies built on earlier failures.

This video is currently not available.

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