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Supplies the Colonists Took to Virginia
Early 1620s



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The record of the supplies that the first settlers took to Virginia has been lost. This inventory, created in the early 1620s by Samuel Purchase, seems to have been written in response to the inadequacy of the supplies that they had taken; it is his recommendation for what subsequent settlers should take with them.

The Inconveniences that have happened to some persons which have transported themselves from England to Virginia, without provisions necessary to sustaine themselves, hath greatly hindered the Progresse of that Noble Plantation: For prevention of the like disorders hereafter, that no man suffer either through ignorance or misinformation; it is thought requisite to publish this short Declaration: wherein is contayned a particular of such necessaries, as either private Families or single persons shall have cause to furnish themselves with, for their better support at their first landing in Virginia; whereby also greater numbers may receive in part directions how to provide themselves.

Apparell for one man and so after the rate for more

One Monmouth Cap 1.s. 10.d.
Three falling bands 1.s. 3.d.
Three shirts 7.s. 6.d.
One Waste-coate 2.s. 2.d.
One sute of Canvase 7.s. 6.d.
One sute of Frize [i.e., frieze, a heavy woolen having a shaggy uncut nap on one side 10.s.  
One sute of Cloth 15.s.  
Three paire of Irish stockins 4.s.  
Foure pair of shooes 8.s. 8.
One paire of garters   10.
One doozen of points [i.e., cords used to lace up items of clothing]   3.d.
One paire of Canvase sheets 8.s.  
Seven Ells [i.e., an archaic unit of measure equal to 45 inches] of Canvase, to make a bed and boulster, to be filled in Virginia 8.s.  
One Rug for a bed in 8.S. which with the bed serving for two men, halfe is 8.s.  
Five Ells course Canvase, to make a bed at Sea for two men, to be filled with straw 4.S. 8.s.  
One coorse Rug at Sea for two men, will cost 6.S. is for one    

Victuall for a whole yeere for one man and
so for more after the rate.

Eight bushels of Meale    
Two bushels of Pease at 3.S.   6.s.  
Two bushels of Oatmeale 4.S. 6.d.   9.s.  
One gallon of Aquavitae   2.s. 6.
One gallon of Oyle   3.s. 6.d.
Two gallons of Vinegar 1.S.   2.s.  
[total] 3.s.  

Armes for one man, but if halfe of your men have Armour
it is sufficient, so that all have Peeces and Swords.

One Armour compleat, light   17.s.  
One long Piece, five foot or five and a halfe, neere Musket bore 2.s.  
One sword   5.s.  
One Belt   1.s.  
One Bandaleere   1.s. 6.d.
Twentie pound of Powder   18.s.  
Sixtie pound of shot or lead, Pistoll and Goose shot   5.s.  
[total] 9.s. 6.d.

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