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The First Settlers

William Laxon.
Edward Pising.
Thomas Emry.
Robert Small.



Anas Todkill.
John Capper.

James Read, Blacksmith.
Jonas Profit, Sailer.
Thomas Couper, Barber.

John Herd, Bricklayer.
William Garret, Bricklayer.
Edward Brinto, Mason.
William Love, Taylor.
Nicholas Skot, Drum[mer].

John Laydon.
William Cassen.
George Cassen.
Thomas Cassen.
William Rods.
William White.
Ould Edward.
Henry Tavin.
George Golding.
John Dods.
William Johnson.
William Unger.



William Wilkinson, Surgeon

Samuell Collier.
Nathaniel Pecock.
James Brumfield.
Richard Mutton




Consider These Questions



1. Why do you think so many "gentlemen" went on this voyage? What consequences do you think that had for the settlement?

2. Why do you think there were no women on the voyage?

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