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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Workshop 8 - Korea and the Cold Warhomesitemap
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Korea and the Cold War
Explore Korea and the Cold War by examining the original documents and images of the period
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Read these documents and examine these images before watching the video

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Additional print and Web resources


With a specific focus on the Korean War, this workshop looks at the first use of military force under the Truman Doctrine and the first practical manifestation of America's Cold War "containment" policy. Using primary source documents, you can examine the roles of major military, political, and strategic players in 1950 and determine through role-play whether the United States should have intervened in Korea.


To gain a deeper understanding of historical content through reading and discussing primary source documents.

To analyze "containment" as a U.S. foreign policy and to look at America's involvement in Korea in the 1950s as the first practical manifestation of that policy.

To examine the evolution of the Cold War face-off and explore the attendant fear around nuclear arsenals and the spread of oppositional political ideologies.

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