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Primary Sources - Workshop in American History Workshop 6 - The Censushomesitemap
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The Census
Explore The Census by examining the original documents and images of the period
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Read these documents and examine these images before watching the video

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Plan your workshop using these charts of video transcripts & professional development activities

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Ideas to take back to your classroom

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Additional print and Web resources


Beginning in 1790 and every 10 years since, American citizens have gotten a new view of who they are through the census that is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Reformulated racial and ethnic categories reflect both policy priorities and changes in how we think about ourselves and how the government allocates resources. In this workshop, you can explore your identity through historic census forms and analyze recent data to formulate spending priorities for a sample community.


To gain a deeper understanding of historical content through reading and discussing primary source documents.

To learn about the history of the census in America, how it is used, and how it has changed through the years.

To understand the changing social construction of race in America as represented by the census.

To examine how the census can be used to simulate a community-needs assessment.

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