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Activity Name: Creating Your own journal

Suggested Grade Level: 4-?

Your name or school: abc charter public


laminator, cerlox machine, lined paper, blank paper (or sketching paper), cerlox bindings, thick paper for covers.


I use journals to reflect on science, health, current events -- just about everything (also I teach art in them). Over the years many of our journals would be lost by the Winter holidays. Last year I had the kids make their own.
We did collages on heavier paper for the front and back covers and then laminated them. They organized their lined and blank paper. I later bound them with a cerlox machine. We didn't loose any journals over the course of the year.


You could use a variety of worksheets, crosswords, etc to customized the journals even more.


Make a spelling list of chronic words from their journal entries -- even a personal/class spelling dictionnary could work.


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