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Activity Name: Pattern Block Equations / Extension

Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Your name or school: Potter Road Elementary School


Pattern blocks
Blackline master of a shape to be filled with blocks
Recording sheet for students


This activity is designed as an extension to the pattern block lesson demonstrated in the first Nextmove workshop. Students should be given a set of pattern blocks and a blackline master of a shape to be filled in with the blocks. After sucessfully completing the puzzle, students record their answers in the form of a math equation (i.e., 2 hexagons + 2 triangles.)
Younger students may choose to write the equation using colors instead of shapes (2 reds + 1 yellow). Students should then swap puzzles with a partner. Their goal is to use the equation to determine how the puzzle was originally solved. Students should then try to solve the problem a different way. They add their new equation to the recording sheet, and swap papers with a third partner. The object of the games is to find as many different solutions as possible.


You can try a similar activity as an introduction to geometry. This activity involves sorting pattern blocks. Students work in groups with a bucket of pattern blocks. They are asked to sort them any way they like. Students then rotate work stations. Their task is to determine what variable was used to sort the pattern blocks. Students then work as a team to sort the blocks according to a different feature. This activity helps draw students attention to the various attributes of geometric shapes.


Have fun!


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