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Audio Help

The sound clips used in Metaphorically Speaking are saved in both Quicktime (.mov) sound and Real Audio (.ra) file format. To listen to one of these, you need to have speakers, a sound card, and RealAudio software or a Quicktime plug-in. We have tried to provide alternative methods for accessing content for those users who do not have, or are unable to access, the software necessary to get the multimedia portions.

Quicktime Plug-In

Make sure you have the plug-in from Apple's Quicktime Web site to listen to the clips. Quicktime files must be downloaded in their entirety in order for you to listen to them. Depending upon the file size and your connect to the Internet, this make take a few minutes.

Real Audio

The Real Player for both Macs and PC's is available free for download from Progressive Networks . Download and install the player. Real Audio uses streaming audio technology, which allows you to listen to the audio clip without having to download the entire sound file before listening to it.

If you have other questions about how to access these audio files, send an email to info@learner.org.


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