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Teacher as Air Traffic Controller


Air Traffic Controller,
John Melecio

Boston-Logan International Airport
Boston, MA

"As an air traffic controller, we are here to provide a service to the flying public … as a controller, you have to be able to look at that situation, size it in a matter of seconds, and make a decision as to what you are going to do. There's also the idea of priorities. What is the most important at this time? Aircraft A, Aircraft B, or Aircraft C? … We need to know what are the pilots' requirements, what are their expectations. And the same way they need to know what are our requirements. What are our expectations and limitations. And by maintaining that open end of communications, we [are] open to new ideas."

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"A teacher has to be in charge of her classroom just like the air traffic controller. If an air traffic controller puts his guard down for one second, think of all the catastrophes that could happen. And I think that's the way in any teacher's classroom."

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