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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Throughout the workshop broadcast, featured teachers discuss and comment on their teaching. We hope that at your site, you and your colleagues are having similar conversations. Here's your opportunity to take those conversations beyond the walls of your site. Join in the online conversations and find out what other teachers are thinking aout their own next moves.



Bean Bag Conversation -- Looking for new methods or variables? Need some help interpreting your data? Here's your chance to talk about beans.

Metaphor Conversation -- What's your metaphor for teaching? Do you have thoughts on using metaphors to talk about teaching approaches? Be sure to fill out and explore the results of our metaphor survey.

Try This! Conversation -- Questions about the activities? Looking for someone who has done a particular activity before? Exchange your successful (and even not so successful activity experiences with other teachers).

Workshop Conversation -- How do you develop critical thinking skills in your students? What do you do when a lesson goes awry? Share your thoughts and questions about the workshop topics. Also discuss issues about how to organize and set up at site.

The Great Bean Bag Adventure

Metaphorically Speaking

Try This!

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