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Your Name: Christopher Bonelli
School: Queens College
City: Bayside State: NY
Grade Level(s): Subject(s): Science
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About the Experiment

Experiment Title: Do plants really need sunlight to grow?


  1. Dry adzuki beans grown in light
  2. Dry mung beans grown in light
  3. Dry adzuki beans grown in dark
  4. Dry mung beans grown in dark

Experimental Predictions:

The beans grown in light will be bigger and greener than the one grown in the dark. Light and will be supplied for light bean bag, while Dark bean bag will only have water.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

Prepared Light bag by stapling paper towel in place and arrainging 6 beans alternating adzuki and mung. Prepared dark bean bag same fashion except I used one side for mung the other for adzuki.

Results and Conclusions:

Light bag has plants with fully develop leaves, and a healthy green to the plant. Dark bag has bags that has plants that have grown slower than Light bag but leaves are not developed and plant is almost as white as paper towel. Plants grow slower without light, so the need for light to a help plant grow is neccessary.

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