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Your Name: Christopher Bonelli
School: Queens College
City: Bayside State: NY
Grade Level(s): Subject(s): Science
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Experiment Title: What parts of seeds are required for growth? Part 2


  1. Soaked beans without seed coat
  2. Soaked beans with half of cotyledon
  3. Dry beans

Experimental Predictions:

Half cotyledon beans or whole beans without may sprout first because they have been soaked. Dry beans may grow slower than the soaked beans.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

Poked three holes in a straight line across bottom of the cup. Filled the bottom of a cup with gravel. Then placed soil on top of gravel. Planted soaked beans with embryo and half of cotyledonon the left side of the cup. Soaked whole beans without seed coat was planted on the right. Dry beans were planted in the middle of the cup. Soil was moistened and placed on window sill in sunlight.

Results and Conclusions:

The dry adzuki bean was the only bean to germinate and grow. After extensive digging no physical remains of the four of the other beans were found. One moldy rotted mung bean was found on the whole soaked bean without seed coat side of the cup. I learned that growth conditions for a seed depend on moisture level of the soil, that not every seed planted by using the same variables will sprout, and that it is possible that some seeds are considered duds when germinating.

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