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Your Name: Nancy McDonough
School: Queens College
City: Flushing State: NY
Grade Level(s): Subject(s): Life Science
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About the Experiment

Experiment Title: Which Seed Grows Faster?


  1. Damp Paper Towel

Experimental Predictions:

I think all the seeds will produce some growth. However, some seeds will produce more than others. I think the size of the bean, the dryness of the bean, and the freshness of the bean will all influence the outcome of how fast the seed will grow.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

Materials: lock bag 2.seeds (garbonzo beans, sugar snap peas, wet red beans, mung beans, adzuki beans, dry red beans, and sweet corn) 3.paper towel 4.water 5.stapler 6.heat lamp Procedure: 1.First I dampened a paper towel and placed it in a ziplock bag at the bottom. 2.I then stapled the paper towel and the ziplock bag in a line at the bottom, in order for the seeds not to fall through. 3.Then, I placed one of each bean (whole) in a zip lock bag lined up on the damp paper towel. 4.I then sealed the zip lock bag shut and hung it on the wall in the classroom near the heat lamp. 5.For the next week the bag will be opened for 15 minutes each day.

Results and Conclusions:

Seed Length of Root Length of Stem Based on the observations I made, and if I were to go by the average growth of the roots for the seeds overall, then the Sugar Snap Peas grew the fastest because the root for each seed on average grew about 4.83 cm. in length. If I were basing it on the growth of a stem, then the Wet Red Bean grew the fastest because the stem for each seed on average grew about 3.66 cm. in length. However, if I were basing which seed grew faster on the average of overall growth, then the Wet Red Bean grew the fastest because the average overall growth for all three seeds was 3.49 cm. in length. After completing this experiment, and making observations, my conclusion is that the Wet Red Bean is the fastest growing seed out of all the seeds I tested.

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