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Your Name: Deise kenny
School: PS 154Q
City: Flushing State: NY
Grade Level(s): 4 Subject(s): Science
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About the Experiment

Experiment Title: Parts of a Seed (Red Bean)


  1. whole seed
  2. half seed w/ embryo

Experimental Predictions:

Both half seeds with embryo and whole seeds will grow, half seed may grwo faster.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

clear ziplock baggie with staples across bottom part, paper towel behind. Four seeds of whole bean, and four of half, two types of bean, enough water and light

Results and Conclusions:

Although both the whole seed and the half seed with embyo did germinate, my experiemnt showed that the whole seeds grew faster and stronger. One conclusion is that hey had more stored food than the half seeds.

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