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Your Name: Elizabeth Piddoubny
School: Queens College
City: Bellerose State: New York
Grade Level(s): 4 Subject(s): garbonzo beans
Email address:

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About the Experiment

Experiment Title: What parts of a seed are necessary for growth?


  1. whole (control)
  2. half
  3. other half
  4. no coat

Experimental Predictions:

I think they will all grow, except the half seed without the leaflike structure. I believe the whole seed cup will produce the healthiest looking bean plants, because the half seeds are missing half the stored food needed to begin to grow. Those seeds without a coat may not grow as well because they are missing the control of water intake.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

1. five garbonzo bean seeds per cup - each cup with a separate condition as listed above 2. planted in soil 3. all cups given same normal conditions for sunlght, soil, and water 4. observe daily, measure(cm) and illustrate

Results and Conclusions:

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