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Your Name: Susan Kirch
School: Queens College - EECE
City: Flushing State: NY
Grade Level(s): K-8 Subject(s): teacher education
Email address: [email protected]

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About the Experiment

Experiment Title: Seed Part Requirements


  1. whole seed (mung bean)
  2. whole seed, no coat
  3. embryo with 1 seed leaf
  4. embryo only
  5. seed leaf only

Experimental Predictions:

Whole seed will germinate and grow (+ control) Seed without coat will grow as well as + control. Embryo with 1 seed leaf may grow but not as well as + control. Embryo only will not grow because the seed leaf is required for growth. Seed leaf will not grow because it is missing the plant embryo.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

Results and Conclusions:

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