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Your Name: a garcia
School: TMA
City: Davie State: Fl
Grade Level(s): 5 Subject(s): science
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Experiment Title: Does the type of water affect the growth of Lima Beans


  1. Tap water
  2. Lake water
  3. Drinking water "Publix"

Experimental Predictions:

I think the water type will NOT affect the growth of the plants and that they will all sprout and grow as long as they get some water.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

I used potting soil with fertilizer and lima bean seeds. I watered the plants 3 times per weeks and kept them in and outdoors with equal time spent in and out by all plants. I measured growth at the end of the experiment and which plant sprouted first.

Results and Conclusions:

I proved my hypothesis. I think the sunshine and the fertilizer in the soil helped. I would change those variables next time. Seeds will grow in most conditions.

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