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Experiment Title: Effect of different liquids on the germination of bean seeds


  1. water
  2. sugar water
  3. salt water
  4. diluted dish soap
  5. vinegar

Experimental Predictions:

Control beans will sprout and grow in water. Sugar water - will sprout and grow. Sugar might help them grow. Salt water - will sprout, but not grow. Dish soap - will not sprout. Vinegar - will sprout, but not grow. Mineral oil - will not sprout


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

18 unsoaked green bean seeds. 6 quart size baggies. paper towels soaked with each of the six liquids. Three dry beans were placed in each of the six baggies. Each baggie had a folded paper towel soaked with a different liquid. The baggies were placed on a cookie sheet so that they were exposed to indirect sunlight. Beans were observed over 7 days. Data was collected and posted on the 7th day.

Results and Conclusions:

1.Control(water)- Grew long root with several branches and green color at the top. Lengths were 8cm, llcm, and 6cm. No shoots formed. 2.Sugar water - Two of the seeds sprouted, but didn't grow more than 1.5 cm. The other bean was moldy. 3.Diluted dish soap - All of the beans sprouted. Lengths were 3mm, 1.5cm, and 1cm. 4.Salt water - no sprouts 5.Vinegar - no sprouts 6.Mineral oil - no sprouts, noticeably smaller than the other beans. Prediction for the control was accurate, but the results of the other liquids were different than the predictions. I learned that bean seeds are much more sensitive to liquids than I had predicted. Next time I may try to record more observations so that there is more data to graph.

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