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Experiment Title: Will Mung Beans Soaked in Water Grow Best in Light or Darkness?


  1. Taped to the window in direct sunlight
  2. On the kitchen table in electric light
  3. In the bedroom in the dark with no sunlight

Experimental Predictions:

I think that the beans taped to the window exposed to direct sunlight will sprout and grow the fastest. I think that plants do not grow without sunlight because they cannot get the energy from the sun that they need to produce chemicals within the plant that help it grow.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

I used three sets of three mung beans on wet paper towels and placed them in plastic ziplock bags. I taped one plastic bag to the kitchen window in direct sunlight. I placed the second plastic bag on the kitchen table in direct electric light. I placed the last bag in my bedroom where it basically received neither direct or indirect light. Each day when I returned home from school I checked to see if the beans had sprouted or grew.

Results and Conclusions:

I was not surprised after 7 days to find that the beans that I placed on the kitchen window in direct sunlight had grown the most. The beans that were in my bedroom that were not receiving any kind of light never even sprouted. The beans that were left on the kitchen table in direct electric light did sprout almost as much as the beans in direct sunlight. I was very surprised about this. I guess as long as beans or plants get some sort of light it helps them to grow.

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