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We asked some of the Channel staff to help us with our experiments. For each of our six experiments, we asked a different staff member what his or her predictions would be.

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Experiment Title: What do seeds need to sprout and grow? (Workshop 3)


  1. Seed
  2. Seed + water
  3. Seed + no light
  4. Seed + soil
  5. Seed + no air

Experimental Predictions:

Prediction from: Camera person

The only seeds that I know will sprout for sure are the seeds in water. I'm not sure about the seeds in soil -- they might sprout, I think it depends on how moist the soil is.


Experiment Methods and Procedure:

In all of the following conditions, we used lima bean seeds:

  • 3 dry seeds in plastic bag;
  • 3 pre-soaked seeds in plastic bag with moistened paper towel;
  • 3 dry seeds in plastic bag then placed in thick envelope (darkness);
  • 3 dry seeds in plastic bag with soil;
  • 3 dry seeds coated with petroleum jelly

    The beans were measured and photographed on days 1,3,7, 10 and 14 of the experiment.

    Results and Conclusions:

    Our results showed that a seed + water will sprout and grow. Seeds placed in no light, in soil, or with no air will not sprout and grow. We thus accept our hypothesis; however, we will still think that it is possible that seeds will sprout and grow better if given water AND other "seed-friendly" conditions. We also think that seeds given water in our experimental set-up might tend to rot more easily than seeds placed in "natural" conditions.

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