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Why Beans on the Web?


Why Beans?

What do seeds need to sprout? While this seems a very simple question, it is likely that many people have some misconceptions (or even lack of prior experience) about what a seed needs to sprout. And, even if one "answer" to this question may be known, there are any number of variables that are just as important as the basics. In any event, the process of eliciting ideas, focusing on a question, designing an appropriate experiment, collecting and analyzing data, communicating outcomes, and building a consensus are important things for teachers to consider as they work through a "simple" experiment. The content knowledge of beans sprouting is not the main focus of the bean experiments on the Web -- rather, it is the opportunity to reflect upon the process of teaching a concept from start to finish.

About this Web Site

This Web site attempts to provide a common arena for teachers to reflect upon their teaching practices while collectively participating in a science and math investigation both in their classrooms and online. Although the Web site was developed in conjunction with the televised broadcasts of THE NEXT MOVE, the Web site is designed to permit discussion and exploration without full workshop participation.

During the course of the initial broadcast (Oct. 20 - Dec. 17) only registered participants may set up an experiment and enter data; however, EVERYONE is encouraged to look at all of the experiments and participate in online discussions.

We hope that this Web site and the The Great Bean Bag Adventure provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Actively engage in doing science and math during the workshop series
  • Reflect upon and apply each main workshop topic by referring to an authentic, shared experience
  • Try out and gain content background on an activity that can be adapted to elementary classrooms
  • View models of both "teacher as learner" and "teacher as critical peer"
  • Explore an online community and reflect on other possibilities of Internet technology for teaching and learning math and science

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