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Identifying Bean-parts for Measurement

Below you see one bean in light and water throughout the course of one of Becky and Heather's experiments. The blue arrows and numbers correspond to the following part:

  1. Hilum
  2. Root
  3. Shoot
  4. True Leaves
After one day, the bean showed no growth.

On day 3, a sprout from the seed is observed.The first sprout from the seed is the root (2). We measured the root from the tip of the sprout to the closest edge of the seed.

On day 7, soon after the root (2) emerged, a dark spot will was observed on the sprout. This spot is called the hilum (1). We used the hilum as our reference point to differentiate between the root and the shoot (3). The root was measured from the tip of the sprout to the hilum; and the shoot was measured from the hilum to the closest edge of the seed.

After approximately 8-10 days of growth, another sprout emerges from the opposite side of the seed. This sprout is the start of the true leaves (4) of the plant. These will develop into off-shoots of the main shoot.

On day 14, additional growth in both the root, shoot, and true leaves were noted.



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