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Bean Bag Help


If you don't find the answers to your questions here, you may want to explore the Bean Bag Conversation area where you can look at other questions teachers have asked, or post your own question.

Basic Experiment Set Up

  • Materials
  • Preparation
  • Collecting Data (including bean-part diagram)
  • Transforming Data

Our Experiments' Setup

  • The Basics (water, light, soil, and air)
  • Beyond the Basics (water AND either light, soil, or air)
  • Unusual Liquids (dish soap, vinegar, baby oil, salt water, and sugar water)
  • Temperature (room temperature, freezer, refrigerator, heating pad)
  • Seed Parts (seed coat, seed leaves, and embryonic plant)
  • Types of Seeds (navy, kidney, corn, pumpkin, and sunflower)

Directions for Dissecting a Bean Seed

More Ideas for Bean Experiments

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