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What do seeds need to sprout? This question may be more deceptive than you think! Will they sprout in the dark? Will seeds sprout in vinegar? In an air-tight container? What are the conditions that a seed needs sprout?

Explore these questions and discuss creative and interesting ways to conduct the familiar "bean experiment" here in The Great Bean Bag Adventure.

How to Participate
Read about the Great Bean Bag Adventure, how to register, and how to keep your experiment up-to-date.
Join the Bean Bag Conversation
Contribute to a discussion about the bean experiment. What works? What doesn't work? And why? Give advice to colleagues and ask them questions.
View Participants' Experiments
Explore other teachers' experiments for new ideas about materials and methods. Graph their data and compare it to your own. Also look at our experiments.

For Registered Participants of THE NEXT MOVE Workshop Series

Your Experiments
Setup a bean experiment online, then enter your data. You'll be able to access it at any time, graph it, and share it with others. As your experiment progresses, add your write-up and your conclusions. Password required.

Bean Bag Help
Why Beans on the Web?
Bean Bag Conversation

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