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The Missing Link



From: Karen Garbenis (kgarbenis@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 18:35:43 EDT

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    hi Jan- i would love any tips/tricks you might have
    for 7th-8th grade math. my son and the kids i work
    with hate math and because of learning disabilities-
    have trouble with multistep problems. a few of the
    boys are dyslexic which makes it even harder for them.
     so far i have tried stories for memorizing facts(was
    too much info to process), math wraps (no fine motor
    skills), touch math (they werent going there),
    finger math ( got lost in the counting and couldn't go
    beyond that to apply the info) and a flip chart iwth
    step by sep instructions( trouble going back and
    forth) . this was all before trasposing the numbers.
     -thank you again-karen

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