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The Missing Link


About the Workshop

Links and Resources

Other Annenberg Learner Sites: www.learner.org

"Playing to Win," "Cooking by the Numbers," "Population Growth" and more in this eight-part series. Lesson plans and links on subjects ranging from probability to geometry.
8 workshops covering patterns and functions, data, geometry, whole numbers, ratio and proportion, algebra, and the future of math — with lesson plans and a lot of links.
Teachers' Lab
Geometry and patterns are featured in this series of professional development workshops for teachers.


National Staff Development Council
The site includes guidelines for what defines a quality staff development program, with extensive examples of successful efforts.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Features the latest version of the NCTM standards, plus articles and links to the Council's online publications, including the monthly "News Bulletin" and "Math Teaching in the Middle School" (members only).
Math Forum
A large, searchable collection of excellent math resources, from math news to teaching resources. Home of "Ask Dr. Math," an online math question-and-answer service for students, including "Why Study Math?"
Lots of information on math education reform, standards, professional development and TIMSS, plus lesson plans, links, math puzzles and more.
PBS TeacherSource
Excellent list of resources, updated monthly and organized by topic.
GEM — Gateway to Educational Materials
Managed by the National Library of Education, this site provides teachers with one-stop access to Internet-based educational resources: lesson plans, curriculum units, etc.
Cornell Math & Science Gateway
A great source for links to many other useful sites.
Lesson plans, career resources, homework help, puzzles and quizzes.
Math Goodies
Lot of interactive math lessons, plus a chat room on Real-World Connections.
Middleweb: Exploring Middle School Reform
This site examines the challenges of middle grades reform with a special focus on urban middle schools. The site includes news and resource links, plus 10 best Web sites for teachers. The sites feature great lesson plans, examples of inquiry-based learning, and assistance on curriculum design and developing Web-based activities. The "Diary of a Middle School Teacher," updated weekly, is a fascinating look at the thought, effort and care required of educators.
Helping Your Children Learn Math
Good resources for parents, including sections on "What our Children are Learning" and "How Will Math Look in Your Child's Classroom?"
The Knowledge Loom
This site profiles schools that are using professional development to make a difference for kids. Check out the research and join the online discussion.


The Teaching Gap: Best Ideas from the World's Teachers for Improving Education in the Classroom
Excerpts from an excellent book by Jim Stigler and James Hiebert, based on the TIMSS research that stimulated development of The Missing Link series. Ideas, advice and links to other TIMSS-related sites.

TIMSS Resource Center
An excellent starting place for learning more about TIMSS, which inspired The Missing Link series. With links to video clips of classroom practice, detailed research findings, and helpful materials for teachers and curriculum specialists.
Jobs for Kids Who Like Math
The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook helps kids understand what it takes to be an engineer, accountant, mechanic, cashier, architect, computer scientist, etc.
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
Dozens of engaging, everyday problems, including "Why are most manhole covers round?" and "How much money is your time worth?" Designed for students and families to do together.
Math Across the Curriculum
Dartmouth College's multidisciplinary program integrates math into everything from music and Earth science to architecture and engineering.

Using Student Work

Looking at Student Work
An excellent introduction from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, includes a primer, general guidelines, tips and links to many other sites with student work samples.
A View from Chicago
Catalyst, a newsletter that focuses on Chicago school reform.

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