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About the Workshop

Workshop Structure

For each workshop, we have provided viewers with multiple tools to make the best of this learning opportunity.

Workshop Agendas
We offer two options: a two-hour and a four-hour workshop.

Focus Questions
For each lesson, we have suggested topics that would be useful for viewers to consider — preferably in conversations with colleagues during your workshops and in a reflective journal that we urge all viewers to maintain during this series.

Homework Assignments We have developed two levels of homework: one for the two-hour workshop, one for the four-hour workshop.

Lessons and Handouts
Each of the Discovery workshops (Workshops 1, 3, 5 and 7) includes between two and four lesson plans featuring: goals/purposes, connections to the NCTM standards, advice for teaching the lesson (including comments from Learner Teachers about what to expect from your students), and handouts and overheads that you can use in your classrooms. Make sure to do these lessons yourself, either as part of the four-hour Discovery workshop or as homework between the Discovery and In Practice workshops on each topic. We strongly encourage viewers to teach these lessons in their own classrooms — if not during the eight-week broadcast schedule, then sometime during the year.

Why This Topic Matters For each of the four topics, we offer suggestions for making the subject more relevant to middle school students.

Teacher Planning Tools
Advice and templates to help teachers plan lessons; score student work; and develop problems, lessons and performance tasks.

Links & Resources We recommend numerous resources to help viewers access the best available information on several topics: standards, lesson plans and curriculum, professional development ideas, the TIMSS research, and more.

Share your own lessons, tools, templates, advice and reflections at Teacher-Talk.

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