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The Missing Link



About the Workshop

In The Missing Link workshops, you and teachers from across the country will work to:

  • better understand the content of these four important math topics: Proportionality & Similar Figures, Patterns & Functions, Polygons & Angles, and Sampling & Probability
  • use instructional techniques that involve your students in their own learning
  • learn new ways to assess your students' work — and adjust your lessons accordingly
  • design engaging, hands-on lessons and assessments
  • connect your lessons and assessments to NCTM standards
  • help your students understand how math can help them in the real world. 
In each pair of one-hour workshops, Master Teacher Jan Robinson and Workshop Guide Shannon C'de Baca lead a group of "learner teachers" as they investigate a series of hands-on problems. Short visits to schools in Illinois show how the lessons work in actual middle school classrooms. After taking the lessons back to their own classes, the Learner Teachers return to the studio a few months later to discuss their experiences and learn new instructional and assessment techniques. All eight workshops end with comments from the Learner Teachers about what they have learned.

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