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Write in the Middle
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Write in the Middle
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Workshop 5: Teaching Multigenre Writing

Tom Romano's Reflections

Tom Romano  

Defining multigenre writing

"Multigenre writing is, it's a piece of writing, right?"

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Opportunities to write narratives

"I think the reason that the students generate so much energy and enthusiasm for multigenre is, one, there is so much freedom about what they can write."

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Including the arts in multigenre projects

"I'm this word guy."

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The importance and types of support students need

I think there is a danger in multigenre that I learned about the first year that I taught it..."

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Unifying themes in multigenre papers

"There's another aspect of multigenre that I think is difficult and that's the idea of unity in a multigenre paper..."

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Providing students with models, practice, and support

"The kids need to see some models of multigenre so they can get an idea of the territory."

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Different approaches to multigenre writing

"Well, I look at multigenre in two ways or two different ways of doing it."

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