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[Teacher-talkwrite6to8] Teaching Persuasive Writing

From: Lindsay Ball <brynnsmom21_at_gmail.com_at_learner.org>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 08:00:55 +0900

Persuasive writing has always been a big deal where I've taught. The state
requires that certain grades pass an essay writing test, and the prompt is
usually one that requires the students to persuade and give their opinions.
I don't have it down perfectly, but persuasive writing is something I've
worked hard to get my students to understand. I think the point they need
to understand the most is that their writing is powerful. When they write
persuasively, they can change the world. I often do an exercise that
involves the students convincing their parents to give or allow them
something. I like doing this because it shows my students that the skills
we learn in class can immediately be used outside of school.

I liked that the teachers in the video really pushed modeling. I often give
models, but I am sure I don't give enough. That is the one thing I am
really taking from this class. Show models! One teacher showed student
written models. They discussed what worked and what was effective. I think
we could also add what didn't work to the discussion. When they see enough
models, they will know what to add to their papers.

I also liked the activity of not only writing down every reason for the
students' positions, weak or strong but then going the next step of sharing
the positions and ideas with a partner. Bouncing ideas off another brain is
great to learn how good the argument will be. Then the teacher had the
students rank the strongest positions. This is great because the students
will feel less overwhelmed when deciding what to include in the writing.

Having the students ask who the audience is will make their writing better
as well. If this is a letter or editorial that will be read by others it
can be really powerful for the students. It gives them purpose in their
writing. It makes it more than just an assignment. It is is important to
have the students think about the audience before the write a draft. It is
important to have them keep this on their mind during the whole process.

Lindsay Ball
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